She Kills Monsters *Live Theater*

Date: Friday, February 04, 2022 7:00 pm

She Kills Monsters

She Kills Monsters Article


She Kills Monsters is a drama-comedy play by Qui Nguyen that tells the story of Agnes Evans, an average woman who loses her parents and little sister Tilly in a car accident. Having been very distant from her sister while she was alive, Agnes embarks in an adventure to get to know her sister better by playing a Dungeons & Dragons module that Tilly had written, and discovers things she'd never imagined. The plot takes place in reality and in the imaginary game world; in the game world Agnes learns about Tilly's exploration with her sexuality and how she struggled with her sexuality in reality.


This is a LIVE theatrical production. The use of cell phones and/or recording devices is prohibited.

Please be respectful to those around you.



Showtimes: Friday, Jan 28 at 7pm

Saturday, Jan 29 at 7pm

Sunday, Jan 30 at 3pm

Friday, Feb 4 at 7pm

Saturday, Feb 5 at 7pm

Sunday, Feb 6 at 3pm

Tickets are $25 or $30 for VIP. Buy them online HERE.

(VIP is first 6 rows of seating)


Cast List:

Narrator: Dustin Bonecutter

Tilly: Ayla Rodriguez

Agnes: MJ Mason

Vera: Anna Yeatts

Miles: Carson Meyers

Orcus/Ronnie: James Wheeler

Chuck: Stephen Makie

Lilith/Lily: Jade Baker

Kaliope: Briana Bostic

Steve: Ben Frizzell

Farrah: Abby Grissom

Evil Tina: Jillian Mann

Evil Gabby: Baylor Coppage

Evil Brittni: Gabby Wood

Evil Stacey: Katheryn Ottonviano

Monsters: Elliott Dietzel, Max Domina


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