1h 15min | Documentary      

NO ADDRESS is a new documentary that focuses on issues of homelessness, Normally, ticket sales are split between the film studio and the Sunrise Theater. For this special documentary, the Sunrise is giving all proceeds to Family Promise of Moore County, a local non-profit organization. For over 20 years, Family Promise has provided safe shelter, meals, and supportive services to homeless families and helped them regain permanent, affordable, and sustainable housing.    

There are over 180 cities in America that have criminalized the homeless population. The NO ADDRESS documentary focuses on homelessness in Columbia, South Carolina. It depicts the criminalization of homelessness and how communities across the country can implement proven practical solutions to address this epidemic.

“NO ADDRESS is a well devised and riveting reflection of homelessness exposed in a manner more unveiling. This documentary portrays the ground-level reality of human challenges and instinctive visuals with insights to survival, while depicting the fundamentals and true process of what it is like to live among the lower depths of poverty. It brings to light and references the status of life stagnation, suffering, and the requirement of urgently needed assistance.” Rob Francis, film industry professional/critic.

Caletta Harris R2RThe documentary’s production studio, Reel2Real Productions, is dedicating their portion of the tickets to land development, building sustainable communities for the un-sheltered, and searching for solutions to end homelessness. R2R is an Atlanta-based studio founded by Caletta Harris, who is also the creator and producer of the NO ADDRESS documentary series. She is a humanitarian who believes human life is more important than any political agenda.

Click HERE to watch NO ADDRESS in the Sunrise Virtual Theater and support Family Promise of Moore County.

The Family Promise shelter is located at 400 Saunders Boulevard in Aberdeen. The facility can accommodate up to four families at a time with a maximum of 18 individuals. For more information on our program, please call 910-944-7149.